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The company

Many companies aim to change the world, few truly succeed. HI Partners is one of the successful ones. Our goal is to transform the hotel investment sector, both nationally and internationally.  

We work to offer solutions tailored to each project and provide value through innovative concepts. To achieve this, a united team that shares the values of the company is essential.

What do we believe in?

We are creative, curious and proactive. We are constantly searching for people have these qualities.

  • Commitment:  We are a team committed to the long term. We work to provide solutions and take responsibility for these.
  • Passion: Commitment and hard work are our maxims to consistently achieve success. 
  • Transparency: We believe in transparency to create relationships of trust with employees, partners, shareholders and the market.
  • Dynamism:  We are committed to continuous improvement and we adapt to changes with agility and efficiency.

What do we provide?

At HI Partners we believe that the team grows with the company. 

  • Leadership: We encourage people to take the risk of being wrong. For us, the key to professional growth is that each employee be autonomous in decision-making and take responsibility for their obligations.
  • Training: We promote the training of our employees, both for their specific position and for their personal development at all corporate levels.
  • Personal well-being: We are aware that our team dedicates great effort and energy to achieve the goals proposed. It is only natural that we take care of their well-being: we promote rest in comfortable surroundings and offer a nutrition and health programme.
  • Free time: Each and every one of us have professional goals however, leading a fulfilled life takes priority. We firmly believe that friends, family and sport are essential and irreplaceable pillars to be better and to be happy.

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