Javier Berná is Head of Special Situations at HI Partners and in charge of acquisition operations in which the seller is in a situation of equity imbalance, as well as operations involving distressed debt and restructuring of hotel debt. With 13 years’ experience in the banking sector, he initially worked as a corporate administrator responsible for TOP10 customers of Banco CAM and Banc Sabadell. He subsequently took part in the takeover of BCAM by the FROB as a member of the unit for managing central services assets and lastly took over the management of Banc Sabadell’s unit for special monitoring and corporate restructuring by sectors.

Javier Berná holds a Degree in Business Administration with a speciality in strategy and marketing from CEU SAN PABLO University (currently Cardenal Herrera) and later took a master’s degree in Finance at Carlos III University. He has also taken courses on real estate restructuring, urban planning regulations, supervision and regulation, financial analysis and quantitative analysis, run by Fundesem Business School.